North Korea conducts what could be its 6th missile test this month, South Korea says

North Korea fired what are presumed to be two short-range ballistic missiles into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula on Thursday in what, if confirmed, could be its sixth missile test this month, the South Korean...

Apple is back on top in smartphone sales worldwide after a record win in China

Apple has once again become the top-selling smartphone brand in top market China, along with the rest of the world.

Ukrainian soldier kills 5 in shooting rampage at military factory

Five people were shot dead and another five injured when a Ukrainian soldier opened fire at a military plant, the country's interior ministry said Thursday.

Olympic sponsors caught in the middle of diplomatic boycotts ​against China

Sponsors of the Olympics are trying to walk a fine line between promoting their brands, while staying away from broader criticism of the Beijing games. They're caught in the middle of diplomatic boycotts, the economic power of Chinese consumers...

Jim Acosta christens Fox the ‘Bull-shevik factory’ for host’s pro-Putin propaganda

CNN's Jim Acosta calls out Fox host Tucker Carlson for his pro-Russia remarks and how those, among other misinforming comments, are putting the US democracy in peril.

Another testy Supreme Court battle is the last thing America needs — but it’s probably what lies ahead

The last thing an internally estranged America needs is an alienating Supreme Court confirmation battle. But that's almost certainly what lies ahead following Justice Stephen Breyer's decision to retire.

‘It creates a lot of anxiety’: Ahead of the Winter Olympics, athletes are doing everything to avoid catching Covid-19

For athletes competing at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, arriving at the Games with a clean bill of health is a crucial part of their preparation.

Inside Biden’s calculated silence on Breyer’s retirement

President Joe Biden received a much-needed political opening on Wednesday. But neither he, nor anyone close to him, appeared ready to celebrate it.
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