US military’s hacking unit publicly acknowledges taking offensive action to disrupt ransomware operations

Cyber Command, the US military's hacking unit, has taken offensive action to disrupt cybercriminal groups that have launched ransomware attacks on US companies, a spokesperson for the command confirmed to CNN Sunday.

Dole’s death prompts nostalgia for a bygone era sullied by Trump’s GOP

The bipartisan outpouring of praise following the death on Sunday of Republican Bob Dole, the longtime Senate leader and former presidential nominee, mourned both a man and a more outwardly collegial era as Republicans drive the country toward another...

Asia-Pacific wants to live with Covid. Omicron is threatening those reopening plans

• The world has the tools to end Covid pandemic. They're not being used properly

Author: Xi Jinping pressing Biden to make decisions White House doesn’t want to

CNN's Phil Mattingly talks to author Gordon Chang about reporting that the Biden administration is expected to announce that no US government officials will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, implementing a diplomatic boycott of the games.

CEO fires 900 employees over Zoom webinar

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Fauci dumbfounded by GOP senator’s false accusation

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) falsely accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of "overhyping" the coronavirus pandemic in a Fox News radio interview. Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to the false claim with CNN's Jake Tapper.

UN and US condemn Myanmar military after protest reportedly turns deadly in Yangon

At least five people were killed in Myanmar when a vehicle plowed into anti-junta protesters this weekend, according to local media. The attack took place in a Yangon township, news outlet Myanmar Now reported Sunday, citing protesters and eyewitnesses.

Bob Dole, giant of the Senate and 1996 Republican presidential nominee, dies

Bob Dole, a Republican Party stalwart and presidential hopeful who espoused a brand of plain-spoken conservativism as one of Washington's most recognizable political figures throughout the latter half of the 20th century, died Sunday.
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