An acquired taste? McDonald’s China offers burger featuring Spam and crushed Oreos

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly be shocked by yet another bizarre fast food chain restaurant offering -- remember...

Minister: Egypt to continue strong growth over next two years

Author:  Thu, 2020-12-10 18:32 CAIRO: Egypt’s economy is forecast to continue its positive growth over the next two fiscal years, Egyptian Minister...

China’s luxury market boomed this year, even as global sales shrank

China's luxury market has proved "unstoppable" this year even as the coronavirus pandemic hammered global demand for expensive goods.

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In Siberian coal country, signs of Russia’s shrinking population are everywhere. It ‘haunts’ Putin.

The pandemic has only accelerated the struggles in regions far from Moscow.

The trickle-down tragedies of the pandemic

The social toll of the pandemic is still difficult to measure on a global scale, but international organizations are worried about the disproportionate harm...

Time is running out for Brexit trade deal, UK minister says

Author:  Reuters ID:  1606722730575185400 Mon, 2020-11-30 07:42 LONDON: Britain and the European Union are running out of time to clinch a Brexit trade deal but if good progress is...

North Korea’s Kim vents fury as pressure mounts over virus and economy, South says

The dictator is “acting irrationally,” ordering harsh lockdowns and sanctioning at least two executions, a South Korean lawmaker said, citing an intelligence briefing.

Escalating violence in strategic Syrian city belies Assad’s claim that he’s in control

Daraa was the cradle of the revolution. Two years after its recapture by government forces, killings are on the rise.

Russia’s health system under strain as the virus surges back

Russia’s health care system has been under severe strains in recent weeks, as a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic has swept the country

Pig intestines fly as Taiwan lawmakers engage in ham-fisted political attacks

Parliament is known as the place where the sausage is made, but Friday’s antics took the process to a whole new level.

Factors that could halt the bull market charge

Investor hubris can be pierced when expectations of further gains are as strong as they are now

Brexit talks resume in London as clock ticks down

Author:  Sun, 2020-11-29 00:22 LONDON: EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier resumed make-or-break Brexit talks with British counterpart David Frost in London on Saturday with the clock ticking...

Fishing rights top Brexit talks agenda

Author:  Mon, 2020-11-30 01:07 LONDON: Last-ditch Brexit trade talks continued in London on Sunday with fishing rights remaining an “outstanding major bone of contention,” according to British...